Trends for Cannabis this 2018 due to its relaxing and curing capability


The cannabis has gained populari ty through the years. There have been several countries that made marijuana consumption legal. There are still a lot of countries that propose
for the legalization of cannabis uses both for recreational and medical purposes. It is expected that this year of 2018, cannabis would gain higher popularity and increase in demand. There are
several trends that are projected for the cannabis industry this year of 2018.

Spread of Positive Information about Safe Cannabis Consumption The consumption of cannabis is not about getting high or getting stoned anymore. Due to various researches about cannabis use as medicine, more people are inclined to use them for health purposes. In fact, there is a now a plethora of marijuana products available in various forms such as wax, oils, sun rocks, herbs, and others. There is also the development of edible forms that are starting to emerge in the market. Infusion of marijuana to other goods and products is also available in the market. As the legislation of marijuana use is being pushed in various countries, there are positive information and educational facts that are being disseminated for the safe consumption of the plant. The good side of the product is expected
to be marketed and highlighted to the public.

Growing Business for Cannabis Products Due to the increasing demand for cannabis and its increasing popularity in terms of its benefits, it is expected that businesses for cannabis entrepreneurs would also increase. In the wake of the legalization proceedings, businesses are ready to launch their different products as soon as they get the go signal. In the light of technological advancement, there are many
innovations and creative ideas on how the product can be infused with other goods and be sold as a normal commodity. It is expected, however, that the production and demand for medicinal and
health purposes would increase and gain high profit. It will not be surprising if there are big pharmaceutical companies that would produce cannabis-based products. Since it has been used
as a medicinal herb for centuries now, more companies would enter the cannabis business as the government would recognize its benefits and finally make them legal.

Demand Increase in Recreational Cannabis. The demand for marijuana is expected to increase in the year 2018. The positive effects of cannabis would engage the young generations to make it as an alternative replacing their alcohol consumption with marijuana. There has been a decline in the sales of beer and alcoholic beverages in the past years especially in states and countries where cannabis is legal. Approximately about 51% of the generation today would choose marijuana over alcohol for recreation. Marijuana is even considered as safer to use compared to alcohol and cigarettes.
Due to this trend, it is projected that the demand for cannabis would increase and the market would be saturated.

Increase in Demand for Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes The greater demand for cannabis is in the field of health and medicinal purposes. Various researches had proven the benefits of cannabis in the body especially to those that have certain diseases. There were various testimonies about marijuana usage that aided patients to feel better and testified to the effectiveness of the plant. For instance, in countries
where marijuana is legal such as in Hawaii, the hospitals had run out of the product due to other people coming from different countries to purchase there. There are also several companies that process and develop pharmaceutical drugs with cannabis for the healthcare industry.

Agricultural Trends for Cannabis Growing With the increase in demand for cannabis, the agricultural sector will be expected to become very busy and pressured to supply the demand of the market. There are many developments in the method of growing cannabis that has been adopted today. Farms are transformed into cannabis factories as they are pushed to deliver more plants to market. There
is both indoor and outdoor growing for cannabis. While the outdoor method will continue to increase, the indoor technology is being developed. The technological developments where the
internet and computer are infused in the agricultural growing are slowly adapted by several farmers. In this method, farmers can change the operational setting of the farm such as the
temperature, lights, water cycles, and air intake through the use of their mobile gadgets. The automatic method of indoor farming is designed for the optimum growth of the product.
However, this technology is quite expensive for farmers. Homegrown cannabis and garden plants would still continue in their production as their market for the plant would continue to
increase this year 2018 and even in the coming years.

More Legalization of Cannabis. For countries where cannabis is legal, the demand would increase in 2018. As more people spread the positive effects and benefits of the product both in the aspect of medical and recreational purposes, more countries would push for the legalization of marijuana. More health experts are pushing for the legalization as they are convinced that the product has
good impact on the human health, especially to the cancer patients. Different companies are already in the midst of developing pharmaceutical drugs with cannabis for the purpose of
treatment. Cannabis is also good for relaxation purposes. With proper regulation and strict implementation, states can go for legalization. As the list for states and countries that are in the
process of hearing for the legalization proceedings, it is expected that in the year 2018, more states and countries would allow the product to be sold in the market.

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